Qdigitizing Emblems, partnered with Qdigitizing has been in the business of designing the best embroidery the world has to offer for many years. Now, combined with the modern production power of state-of-the-art, multi-head embroidery machines, the finest materials in the industry and global logistics Qdigitizing Emblems is able to deliver some of the best embroidered emblems the world has to offer.

Qdigitizing Emblems has committed to providing you with the best emblems money has to buy at the best prices available on the internet. We have shopped the competition so you don't have to. But we know price is not everything. Because of this Qdigitizing Emblems commits to you we will always have a knowledgeable customer service representative available to help you with your order. Simply call us toll free at 877-733-4390 or email service@qdigitizing.com and we will respond quickly and courteously to the very best of our ability.

Additionally, Qdigitizing Emblems will get your order done fast. In as little as 14 days from when you approve your art Qdigitizing Emblems will have your finished emblems at your door with a 100% product guarantee. If you are not pleased with your order simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

While Qdigitizing Emblems is a USA based company our production is done overseas. We understand there are circumstances this might not be desirable so instead of trying to hide this from you we want to be completely up front. We feel it is important to let our customers know exactly where their products originate. It is important to understand our factory is as committed to quality and fair business practices as you are. In a constantly shifting economic climate it is sometimes prudent to embrace the skills and resourcefulness of our global business partners.

Qdigitizing Emblems has the production power to deliver thousands of emblems or as few as 50, quickly, correctly and at the best price possible. Of course we want the large orders, what business wouldn�t? But we are 100% determined to treat every customer the same and every order the same. Big or small you are an important part of who we are and we promise not to forget that.

Speaking on behalf of the entire organization thank you for visiting our web site. I hope you will give our outstanding products and service a try. If you have additional questions feel free to give me a call at our toll free number or drop me a message by writing to service@qdigitizing.com.

Steve Freeman
Managing Partner

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